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Nautilus Patek Philippe Replica Sport Watch

In the past two years, many people have been attracted by the patek philippe nautilus replica watch manufactured by the PPF factory, but it is a watch that cannot be expected. The price is one reason, and more importantly, it is too popular and the most popular among steel watches. Thin watch. Presumably, you also know many replica nautilus watches made by other factories, such as PF, MKS and other factories.

This time it is the upgraded version of the PPF factory patek philippe nautilus replica watch. The main upgrade point is the color of the dial. Many people are very surprised because the blue that has always been printed on fake watchea buyers In my mind, only the V2 is really positive so far. This means that many friends call it gray-blue. Then what is the latest update of our latest V2 before comparison? Hengcheng tells everyone fake patek philippe .

According to the original Nautilus information, its face is a blue-gray. I always felt that the color of the PPF factory was darker, and I never expected that the version would be wrong. But now it has been revised. At present, the PPF factory has improved and upgraded the V2 version of the blue-gray nautilus. This VPF version of the PPF patek philippe nautilus replica watch has a handsome face.

Lets summarize the parts of this upgrade:
  • 1. Correct the dial color, the latest blue-gray dial.
  • 2. Brand new stainless steel strap, hinge opening and closing angle, sound exactly the same as the original.
  • 3. Citizen Cal.324 movement, corrected balance wheel direction. 4. The thinnest is 8.6mm.

  • The diameter of 40 mm, the dial is light blue-gray, the most important blue on the surface of the disc is changed before the bright blue. At present, the gray-blue PPF-V1 does not have this effect, and the horizontal grain surface Adding the three-dimensional feel of the watch is also a point of joy for everyone. Gray-blue is very difficult to make. The silver hands and gold three-dimensional hour markers are distributed on the gray-blue dial. The three-dimensional feeling reflects the texture of the entire watch.

    In fact, the most important upgrade is the color of our dials, which has changed from the original blue to the current gray-blue, more like that ink black. You can see a small mark at the six o'clock position. The nautilus patek philippe replica sport watch manufactured by the PPF factory is completely at the same level as the original. The shape of the outer ring is very intoxicating, saying that the circle is neither round, but eight The angular shape is neither, but it is very durable. With the drawing process of the outer ring and the light treatment at the rolex yachtmaster replica edges, the entire replica watch is very textured. The steel king is the steel king and does not need more modification.

    Another upgrade is the thickness. The thickness of the PPF factory from the first generation is to kill the others. Then our V2 is even thinner than before, and it truly achieves a consistent level of reduction. It may be so insignificant compared to the previous 0.2mm, but for a PPF with a spirit of craftsmanship, Hengcheng thinks it is extremely difficult and challenging. We can see that the drawing process on the side and the treatment on both sides of the head are very careful.The screw-in handle can be more effective in waterproofing. The center of the head is engraved with a cross pattern of Karazhuo, which is printed clearly. The design of the non-slip thread on the outside of the head can prevent slipping when adjusting. The shoulders are designed on both sides to protect the case.

    PPF-V2 patek philippe nautilus replica watch uses a back case design with a 9015 modified Cal.324 movement. The plywood is finely polished. The delicate Geneva pattern is like a handicraft. The structure of the movement is very good. It can be used as it is, the performance is stable, and the travel time is relatively accurate. At the same time, the color of the chicken blood sample gem is very bright and beautiful. Its disadvantage is that there is a certain amount of noise, which is also a property of the movement and cannot be changed. Virgo Careful!

    Finally, take a look at the stainless steel strap of the Nautilus Patek Philippe Replica.

    The V2-nautilus strap has a cephalic that can be moved without the rigid feeling. The bracelet is processed with a brushed process and the texture is very high. The round shape is polished. It is light and light to wear, and the folding buckle is matched with the Fliplock safety buckle. The very unique and exquisite design is also the best nautilus at present.

    Summary: Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watch style can be switched at will, can be business or leisure, gentleman, or street. The overall workmanship of the watch can be said to be particularly superb, and it is superior to other copies before, especially on the thickness and strap, and the gray-blue color of the dial is deep and distinctive.