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Panerai Tuttonero PAM 438 Black Replica Watch

Everyone should be very familiar with Panerai, the styles are very diverse, steel case, carbon fiber case, bronze case ... basically every one is quite popular! So today epilepsy will share a watch made of ceramics! It's not new, it's just beautiful! That is the fake panerai tuttonero PAM 438 black Watch from VS Factory. More carbon fiber watches please pay attention fake richard mille.

The surprise brought to us by the VS factory is the breakthrough upgrade of the movement. First, epilepsy takes you through the development history of Panerai Tuttonero PAM 438 Black Replica Watch:
  • The first period: seagull machine, balance wheel at 6 o'clock.
  • The second period: Shanghai machine, 7750 changed the splint, which was also a sensation at that time, because the Shanghai machine after changing the splint looked at the balance wheel like a genuine 7-point balance wheel. Disadvantages: the balance position cannot be the same as the genuine one.
  • The third period: VS V1. White calibre + electroplated black plywood based on 441 calibre P9001, the balance wheel is at 7 o'clock in line with the original. Advantages: The balance wheel is the same as the original, and the movement will not be fake at the back. Disadvantages: The bearing of the movement is white, and the balance is white.
  • The fourth period: VS V2. Brand new plain black movement, each part is disassembled separately for vacuum ADLC amorphous diamond carbon coating, truly 1:1.
  • Advantages: the appearance of the movement, color, all functions are upgraded to the same as the original, and the similarity is as high as 98%. Disadvantages: There is no top version in the market. If you really want to say a disadvantage, it is a little expensive, but you have a penny.

  • Speaking of the "sandwich" dial, which is one of Panerai's housekeeping symbols, it has already applied for a patent. Sandwich, as the name suggests, is a sandwich structure. So why use this sandwich sandwich structure? In fact, the original intention of this design was developed from functional considerations to ensure that users (originally navy soldiers) can clearly read the time even in low light conditions.

    The Fake panerai tuttonero PAM 438 black watch is detachable, which is the only one in the market. After disassembly, you can see a black waterproof ring, which is a key part for waterproofing. Friends who play by themselves should pay attention to this waterproof ring, and then remember to apply waterproof glue.

    The panerai tuttonero PAM 438 black replica watch is the same as the Panerai 441. The black parts are all ceramic materials. The scratch resistance and abrasion resistance are super strong. The touch texture is delicate and can prevent light scratches. , Will not fade, even if ground into powder particles are black.

    One of Panerai's iconic components is the crown bridge. In 1955, Panerai came up with a new idea to provide better water resistance for the Italian Navy, so it invented the crown bridge. This is also Panerai's. A patent, while making the watch more tough guy style, rough appearance.

    The Panerai tuttonero PAM 438 black replica watch features a detachable caseback, the Panerai English logo engraved on the edges, and a limited edition code. The material logo must be tightened after removal, otherwise it will affect the water resistance. The mirror surface is made of sapphire, which is very transparent. The historical evolution of the 438 has been described in detail in the article, so let's learn more about the details of the 438 movement. Each movement part is vacuum-plated with ADLC diamond carbon coating with the same process as the V6 black balloon. The automatic tug can see the light matte texture. This plating process can be said to be the most stable in plating, and it is not easy to fade and oxidize Very advanced.

    Fake panerai tuttonero PAM 438 black watch strap is also made of ceramic material, electroplated black, very delicate texture! The buckle is made of PVD coated frosted buckle butterfly buckle. After the frosted treatment, the feel is also very good!

    Summary: Since VS launched the PAM 411 black replica watch, it has been enthusiastically sought after by the market. Many customers are watching the launch of the upgraded version of PAM 438. VS live up to expectations and finally brought this long-awaited replica panerai tuttonero PAM 438 black watch. PAM 438 can also be regarded as the pioneer of popular carbon black today, using all wear-resistant materials, the original synchronization, can be said to be the black warrior of Panerai. If you are a perfectionist, this must be your ultimate choice. Thank you for watching. For more watch knowledge and reviews, please google search findreplicawatches.me.