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Questions & Answers for Epilepsy

Do seizures injure the brain?

Seizure does not seem to have a lasting effect on the brain. Many people with epilepsy who have had many seizures during the course of their life do not have any changes in their intelligence, perception, or alertness.

How does a person feel after an epileptic seizure?

Often, people feel confused, sleepy, and irritable following a seizure. Some types, such as complex partial seizures, may be forgotten immediately after they occur.

Can people with epilepsy work?

People living with the condition often have the same range of abilities and intelligence as the rest of the population. Some have severe seizures and cannot work; others are successful and productive in challenging careers.

Is there a cure for epilepsy?

There is no cure for epilepsy yet but there are many treatments available to reduce the frequency & severity of seizures. Brain surgery is a possible further consideration in certain situations when medication do not adequately control seizures.

Will I have to take medicine forever?

It may be possible for some people with epilepsy to stop taking medicine. Whether one can stop taking medication depends on the underlying cause of the seizures, how quickly they are controlled, how long you have been free of seizures, and if you have other illnesses that may affect your problem. Reducing medications must always be done in consultation with your treating doctor as sudden wiothdrawl of medicines can be dangerous and result in increasing and severe seizures!

Can I take other drugs while taking medicine for epilepsy?

Because many drugs affect the ability of your epilepsy medicine to control your seizures, ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking other drugs.

Can I drink alcohol if I have epilepsy?

It is a better idea to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can make it easier to have a seizure and can also affect your anti-epileptic medication.

Can a woman with epilepsy have children?

Both anti-epileptic medication and seizures may affect the unborn baby. Decisions about taking medicine during pregnancy must be made by you and your doctor.

Does having epilepsy affect sex?

Epilepsy can have effects on sex, but many people with well controlled seizures enjoy a satisfying sex life. Having a supportive partner is one of the most important factors.

Can having epilepsy affect one's emotions and behaviour?

Some people who have seizures, may experience more extreme emotional changes or exhibit behaviours which are not considered socially acceptable. They may benefit from learning stress management and relaxation techniques.